International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 8 Issue 9, September 2019: Page 22

Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 937 - 938, Hits: 107

Updating XML Files using a Tool based on DOM Parser

Nehal Pandey, Deepak Pase, Priyanka Chaudhari

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Research Paper, Medicinal Plants, United States of America

Pages: 939 - 943, Hits: 110

A Transdermal Formulation of Icariin for Use as a Substitute for Sildenafil and a Showing of No Clinical Efficacy

Walter P. Drake, Laurence V. Hicks Sr.

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Research Paper, Marketing, Brazil

Pages: 944 - 947, Hits: 130

Machine Learning and Bots Detection on Twitter

Norberto De Almeida Andrade, Giuliano Carlo Rainatto, Fontamara Lima, Genesio Renovato, Denis Gustavo Espacacherch Paschoal

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Review Papers, Public Health Education, Bulgaria

Pages: 948 - 950, Hits: 119

Dental Public Health Reports on Periodontal Response to Electronic Cigarettes Vaping: A Literature Review

Maria Dimitrova

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Research Paper, Mathematics, India

Pages: 951 - 953, Hits: 100

A Study on Charpits Method for Finding the Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of First Order with Three Independent Variables

Dr. Gitumani Sarma, Vezhopalu

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Research Paper, Education Management, India

Pages: 954 - 956, Hits: 121

Attitude of Secondary School Teachers towards Equitable Education

A. Rajeswari

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Research Paper, Language Research, Malaysia

Pages: 957 - 962, Hits: 139

A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Address of President Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to the Joint Meeting of Us Congress

Tawos Mohammadi

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Research Paper, Engineering, India

Pages: 963 - 966, Hits: 103

Secure Password based Security System for Banks

Prathima L, G. V. Sowmya

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Research Paper, History, India

Pages: 967 - 971, Hits: 138

The Problem of Gender Discrimination and Position of Women in Medieval Mithila: 1150 to 1450 A.D.

Dr. Avinash Kumar Jha

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Comparative Studies, Political Science, India

Pages: 972 - 974, Hits: 102

Comparison between Manipur and Kerala Panchayat System

Ninglum Keishing

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