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Research Paper | Environmental Science Studies | India | Volume 10 Issue 4, April 2021

The Life LUCA Originated in the Sedimentary Deposits in the Flood Plains at the Palaeomouths of the Fresh Water Flows / Rivers perhaps in about 3.750 Billion Years ago on the Hadean surface in the Archaean Eon

J. S. Rawat [4]

Abstract: The main questions at present are: When, Where, and How did life on Earth originate? For this, to date, various environments have been proposed as plausible sites for the origin of life. However, these discoveries fall within a single environmental setting, which do not define clearly what geochemical situations could drive all the stages of chemical evolution, ranging from condensation of simple inorganic compounds to the emergence of self-sustaining systems that were evolvable into modern biological ones. In this paper I have proposed a plausible site for the origin of life: ?the sedimentary deposits rich in minerals, metals, and clays in the Flood-Plains at the Palaeomouths of the fresh water flows/rivers? on the Hadean surface in the Archaean Eon which was connected to salty ponds, lakes, basins, and oceans. The elements consisting of life body might have been produced either by leaching or water actions on the minerals, metals, and clays, or from a ?Habitable Trinity?, which involves a coexisting atmosphere, water, and landmass with continuous material circulation between the three of them that is driven by the Sun, the heat from volcanic eruptions and hot springs. These sites of sedimentary deposits provided favourable environments for completion of the chemical evolution of life which requires at least following eight reaction conditions of: i) Reductive gas phase; ii) Alkaline Ph; iii) Freezing temperature; iv) Fresh water; v) Dry/dry-wet cycle; vi) Coupling with high energy reactions; vii) Heating-cooling cycles in water; and viii) Extraterrestrial input of life's building blocks and reactive nutrients. In these sediments the clay, minerals, and metals provided the fertile sites to accumulate the fresh water, which, in turn, became fertile site for accumulation of the elements consisting of life body. This phenomenon was similar to Dark matter particles which created fertile sites/suitable environment, wherein new normal matter particles accumulated and condensed to form celestial bodies which was similar to the foundation rocks on the Earth having deep depressions that were caused by tectonics and created fertile sites where sedimentary particles solidified to form sedimentary rocks and the great savannahs for the benefits of humans. In course of time the early inorganic molecules interacted and produced Simple Organic Molecules (Monomers) followed by formations of Complex Organic Molecules (Macromolecules) and accumulated in the water resting on the sediments consisting of minerals and clays. I support and suggest that an alternative to the RNA World hypothesis or ?genes-first? hypothesis is the Metabolism-first hypothesis, which suggests that self-sustaining networks of metabolic reactions may have been the first simple life (predating nucleic acids). These networks might have formed, for instance, in the sediments when there was first bonding of carbon atom/molecule and hydrogen atom/molecule to start an organic molecule and later on oxygen and other elements/molecules. The process of formation of the inanimate matter to animate matter or organic matter, perhaps, started when carbon atom/molecule (since the carbon - hydrogen bond defines them organic; it means without carbon and hydrogen the origin and evolution of life would not have been thought off) started bonding with hydrogen atom/molecule and followed by oxygen and other atoms/molecules in the presence of electromagnetic attractive force intertwined with gravitational force/energy/wave. Therefore this was the time when consciousness also emerged. So consciousness emerged along with metabolism i. e. , bonding of carbon with hydrogen with the help of electromagnetic force intertwined with gravitational force that was an initiator of life to create an organic molecule for the origin of life and in consequence the biological evolution. By these steps RNA molecule was evolved. It is to record that there were existence of the sediments rich in minerals, metals, and clays, globally, on the Hadean surface in the Archaean Eon, similar to the petroleum generated mainly from hydrocarbons at the palaeomouths of the palaeorivers all over the Earth between Lower Cretaceous Period and Pliocene Epoch, therefore, it is possible that the life might have originated and evolved in the similar manner everywhere in the sediments in the flood plains at the palaeomouths of the fresh water flows/rivers on the Hadean surface in the Archaean Eon on the Earth ? a global phenomenon.

Keywords: Dark matter particle, Space, Time, fertile sites, palaeomouths of waterflows/rivers, flood plains, minerals, metals, and clays, Hadean Eon surface, Archaean Eon, organic molecules, monomers, polymers, energy, concentration, catalysts, global phenomenon, metabolism, consciousness

Edition: Volume 10 Issue 4, April 2021,

Pages: 1122 - 1147

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