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Organizing Exercise Items in Mathematics Learning

Kristina Widjajanti, Moechammad Sarosa, Mila Kusumawardhani

Mathematics exercises items are very essential for students to really understand the concept learned in order to internalize all the knowledge. The more exercises done on the mathematics concepts, the more the concepts understood and mastered. The study was aimed at describing the procedures or steps of organizing web-based mathematics exercises items and the evaluation on tests results. Subjects of the study were the first year students of Digital Telecommunication Network Study Program of the State Polytechnic of Malang, academic year of 2013/2014. Web-based mathematics exercises items are organized to facilitate students to do practices based on their competence levels, namely level 1 (low), level 2 (medium), and level 3 (high). Mathematics exercises items are designed in blocks, in whicheach block starts from the easiest to the most difficult by web-based organization. Web-based organization of the exercises items considers the role of the learners, individual differences between learners, feedback provision, and the implementation of knowledge and skills in real situation. The evaluation is designed to observe students- activities through tracking the frequency of students doing the practices as well as students- record of activities, including the completed exercises items, time of doing the practices, and thegained scores.The results of the study show thatthere was an increase learning outcomes by 42 %.

Keywords: Mathematics exercises items, mathematics learning, evaluation, competence levels

Edition: Volume 4 Issue 5, May 2015

Pages: 2162 - 2167