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Bionic Pancreas

Patil Darshan Rajkumar

Abstract: Artificial Pancreas (AP) or Bionic Pancreas are the different name for the same technology. Looping is shorthand name for Closed Looping. But the FDA likes to call this technology as Bionic Pancreas (AID) systems. Using Bionic Pancreas, there is no need to bolus, no need to count carbs and no hypoglycemia. Regardless of whether we're talking about Bionic Pancreas or commercial systems, hybrid or fully automated systems, they all basically work the equivalent in terms of their most essential usefulness. This type of technology makes small adjustments every few minutes to provide more or less insulin with the goal of keeping Blood Glucose levels in a predefined target range. It does so with the following components: an insulin pump, a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and a controller. Bionic Pancreas works with older established Medtronic pump models and can be utilized with any CGM. It utilizes a different microcontroller "rig" and can be used with either Android Mobile phones or iPhones. Loop has an unexpected algorithm in comparison to Bionic Pancreas, moreover works with older Medtronic pump models and can be used with most of the CGMs. It utilizes a different radio gadget (called a RileyLink) to connect correspondence to an IOS gadget and also it uses an IOS gadget (typically an iPhone) as its controller. Android Artificial Pancreas Systems utilizes the OpenAPS algorithm and works with DANA*R(S) or Roche Combo or Insight pumps, works with most CGMs and doesn't need a different radio gadget or controller on the grounds that the controller is an Android phone.

Keywords: Hypoglycemia, insulin, Continuous Glucose Monitor, diabetes