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Study on the Price Bubble of XRP

Siyuan Yang

Abstract: Since the cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology have been published on the market, their prices have risen explosively and dropped precipitously. The issue of price bubbles, which is dominated by bitcoin and ETH, has attracted widespread attention from many scholars. However, there is no research on whether there is a price bubble in XRP, which already has cross-border payment applications. For this reason, this article has carried on the correlation research to the XRP’s price bubble question. Firstly, the article defines the asset price bubble accurately. Next, it analyzes the volatility of the price of XRP. In addition, it establishes the pricing model of XRP from the perspective of use value, and estimates its intrinsic value. Finally, according to the market price and intrinsic value of XRP, it measures the bubble level of the XRP, and concludes that there is a big price bubble in the XRP. Combined with the inspection and measurement of the price bubble of XRP, we put forward some investment suggestions to the relevant investors.

Keywords: block chain, encrypted currency, XRP, price bubble