Downloading: A Case of Neuroparalytic Snake Bite Mimicking Acute Abdomen
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A Case of Neuroparalytic Snake Bite Mimicking Acute Abdomen

Lt Col Dr N Rishikanta

Abstract: Snake bite is a commonly encountered medical emergency in rural part of India and regarded as a neglected tropical disease of global importance. Armed Forces personal, due to its deployment in remote and hilly areas are highly vulnerable to snake bites. The features of envenomation may differ from species to species. Krait is typically nocturnal in nature and notorious for biting people during sleep and early in the morning. Krait bites are usually painless and has minimal local symptoms. Early morning neuroparalysis is a known presentation of Krait bite however features of neuroparalysis may developed even after many hours of bite. Pain abdomen is a known feature of Krait bite however without history of snake bite, pain abdomen may mimic acute abdomen. The present case is about a serving soldier of Indian Armed forces who developed sudden onset pain abdomen in the early morning while doing sentry duty in an isolated border post in Jammu and Kashmir and was initially managed as a suspected case of acute abdomen but later developed features of neuroparalysis after 6 hours. He was managed as a case of elapid bite with ventilatory support and ASV with complete recovery within 48 hours.

Keywords: Neuroparalysis, Krait bite, Acute abdomen, Ventilatory support, Anti snake venom