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Overview on Type D Personality

Pranati R. Chavan

Abstract: Type D personality is a trait comprising of negative affectivity and social inhibition. Social inhibition and negative affectivity makes individuals to self withdrawal and lack of assertiveness, and poor health compliance leading to comorbitites and psychosocial errors. Type D works by increasing stressful condition and affecting biological markers of body. The study focuses on the exact summarization of this personality for obtaining the objectives. It can be assessed by various scales available and can be overcome by different strategies. Objectives •To aware people about particular kind of personality and their affect •To improve the quality of life of the patients and •To reduce the comorbid state by retarding further complications. Discussion Type d personality is having many clinical complications associated with it and it can cause all system related disease states. Development of such trait will result to poor health status, poor compliance, impaired cognition and improper medication adherence. Conclusion This article depicts the overview on type D personality and suggests the need to perform research to generate epidemiological data and developing further strategies to overcome complications of type D personality. There is again a necessity to aware people about this kind.

Keywords: Type D Personality, negative affectivity, social inhibition, Health, Psychology