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How Organizational Structures Affect Project Outcomes

Crispin George

Abstract: The need for an adequate organizational structure for projects cannot be over emphasized. It serves as the pillar for appropriate project implementation. Thus, making it expressly clear for senior management to adopt the most preferred structure to support the entire project. This should be done in a manner where the organization will benefit the most. However, the various organizational forms mentioned should be examined to ensure that it suits the potential projects the organization intends implementing. Such selection process should be free of sentiments, personal gains, bribery and other unethical practices that might compromise the process. The following should be considered in the selection process; type of project i.e. complex, simple or intermediate projects, organizational objectives, capacity of the parent organization i.e. The strengths of the functional unit in terms of manpower and other resources needed for the completion of the project, project determinants such as time, schedule, performance, budget and quality, the challenges and benefits associated with each organizational structure, the risks associated with the projects and which structure is suitable to mitigate such risks.

Keywords: Organizational structure, Projectized, Functional manager, Project manager, Matrix structure