Downloading: The Effect of Multimedia Strategies on EFL Learners' Achievement
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The Effect of Multimedia Strategies on EFL Learners' Achievement

Aisha Osman Mahmoud Kooa Alhawad, Dr. Amna Mohamed Abdelkarim Bedri, Dr. Muntasir Hassan Mubarak Alhafian

Abstract: This study is intended to investigate the effect of multimedia strategies on EFL learners' achievement. The study sample consisted of 50 fourth level female students who are studying English as a foreign language, in Saudi Arabia, Shaqra University, College of Arts and Science at Shaqra, English Language Department for the academic year 2018-2019. Three tools used for data collection included pre-post oral tests, pre-post written tests, and interviews for college teachers. The pre-oral and written tests were conducted to assess and determine the students' level of performance while the post-oral and written tests were carried out to validate the progress achieved by the students after they were taught with multimedia. The data of the study were analyzed using the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS). The main findings of the study revealed that teaching through multimedia has a positive effect on the students' achievement and it also plays an essential role in the development of teaching and learning process. Moreover, it helps EFL learners to cope with their different learning strategies. Finally, there are some recommendations for English teachers and learners of English language.

Keywords: multimedia, EFL learners, major English, strategies achievement