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Scheduled Based Optimal Web Service Selection

Anuradha Kore, D. S. Bhosale

Abstract: Effective service selection needs to fulfill both functional and non-functional requirements of users, non-functional requirements are concerned with the quality of service (QoS). QoS plays an important role in Web service recommendation, according to which similar services can be ranked and selected for users. The number of publicly available web services is steadily increasing on the internet. However, this proliferation makes it hard for a user to select a proper web service among a large amount of service candidates which provide similar functionalities. This research provides comprehensive information for selecting an optimal web service and predicting its behaviour in terms of RT. When user wish to use any service the system can provide recommendations, but only recommendation is not sufficient to improve QoS of the web service so that HMM & scheduling is applied on the user requests to optimize the performance and reduce the response time, for more precise response time service provider allocate a service to the user before his request that is called pre-allocation. Overall aim of the research is to get well optimized web service which having great quality of service with very low response time.

Keywords: Response time, Recommendation, Pre-allocation, Service Scheduling, HMM