Downloading: Effect of Replacement of Cement & Aggregate by Glass Powder & Recycled Aggregate on Flexural Strength of Concrete
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Effect of Replacement of Cement & Aggregate by Glass Powder & Recycled Aggregate on Flexural Strength of Concrete

Raju Prajapati, Chaitanya Mishra

Abstract: Concrete is the most widely used man made construction material in the world. The popularity of concrete is due to the fact that from the common ingredients the properties of concrete are tailored to meet the demand of any particular application and then most widely used in all types of civil engineering works including infrastructures, low and high rise buildings, defense developments. It is obtained by mixing cementing materials, water and aggregate. However in recent years the wisdom of own continued wholesale extraction and use of aggregate from natural resources has been questioned at on international level. This is mainly because of the depletion of quality primary aggregate and greater awareness of environmental protection. In light of this the availability of natural resource to future generations has also been realized. In fact many governments throughout the world have now introduced various measures aimed at reducing the use of primary aggregates and increasing reuse and recycling where it is technically, economically or environmentally acceptable. The project explores a theme on the need for recycled aggregates and highlights its potential use as aggregate in new concrete construction. Research comprises of studies on offer of replacement of cement & aggregate by glass powder and recycled aggregate in concrete by some percentage for 28 days flexural strength of concrete. a result show that the flexural strength of modified concrete gives higher result (7.11N/mm2) with 5 % glass powder & slightly lower result (6.50N/mm2) with 10 % glass powder where as recycled aggregate percentage is fixed at 20

Keywords: controlled concrete, modified Concrete, Flexural Strength, Natural Aggregates NA, Recycled Aggregate RA, Glass powder GP, Mean strength MS, * Name of student, ** Name of guide