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Wireless Fetal Monitoring

Sangita Bhong, S. D. Lokhande

Abstract: Fetal mortality rate is considered a good measure of the quality of health care in a country or a medical facility. If we look at the current scenario, we find that we have focused more on child mortality rate than on fetus mortality. Even it is a same situation in developed country. Our aim is to provide technological solution to help decrease the fetal mortality rate. Also if we consider pregnant women, they have to come to hospital 2-3 times a week for their regular checkups. It becomes a problem for working women and women having diabetes or other disease. For these reasons it would be very helpful if they can do this by themselves at home. This will reduce the frequency of their visit to the hospital at same time cause no compromise in the wellbeing of both the mother and the child. The end to end system consists of wearable sensors, built into a fabric belt, that collects and sends vital signs of patients via bluetooth to smart mobile phones for further processing and made available to required personnel allowing efficient monitoring and alerting when attention is required in often challenging and chaotic scenarios.

Keywords: Cardiotocography, remote fetal monitoring, bluetooth, mobile health