Downloading: Voice Based Image Transfer to USB using Arm 7
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Voice Based Image Transfer to USB using Arm 7

Ch. Praveen, K. Haripriya

Abstract: A wide range of consumer electronics has been developed that have the capability to capture images such as digital imaging devices like digital cameras and camcorders. In order to assist a user in easily taking high-quality images, many digital image-capturing devices support various scene-modes that are accessible by a means of buttons, dials, or menus. So to overcome this disadvantage the proposed method Voice based Image transfer to USB using ARM 7 involves various aspects such as the hardware platform like LPC2148 (ARM7). Indeed, such a voice-driven scene-mode recommendation has several benefits. It reduces the number of actions required for a user to activate a scene-mode. The system is designed by using ARM 32-bit Microcontroller which supports features of transferring the data to a removable drive by recognizing the voice. The prototype performs the tasks of opening an image, selecting a particular image and copying that image to a particular drive by recognizing a voice and the scene related image share opened and copied to USB with the recognition of voice using voice recognition kit.

Keywords: Voice Recognition Module, LPC 2148, Software tools as Keil vision3 and visual studio

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