Downloading: An Edge Detection Algorithm for Flame and Fire Alert System
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An Edge Detection Algorithm for Flame and Fire Alert System

Bibitha A A, R. Sureshkumar

Abstract: This algorithm is used for the detection of flame and fire in fire alert systems. The algorithm uses Cannys edge detection with Gaussian filter for detecting the edges of the flame/fire. This is an improved method over all the existing ones. This method identifies the edges of the flames correctly by removing all the noises in the flames. Some research works shows that the existing methods do not emphasize the continuity and clarity of the flame and fire edges. The proposed method identifies the continuous and clear edges of the flame/fire and produces the alarms accordingly. This process detects outlines of an object and boundaries between objects and the background in the image. An edge-detection filter can also be used to improve the appearance of blurred or anti-aliased image streams. The basic edge-detection operator is a matrix area gradient operation that determines the level of variance between different pixels. The experimental result demonstrates the effectiveness of the algorithm.

Keywords: Edge detection, feature extraction, edge analysis, image processing, monitoring, shape measurement, Gaussian filter