Downloading: Image Resolution Enhancement via Multi Surface Fitting
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Image Resolution Enhancement via Multi Surface Fitting

Anna Poorani.B, Kumaran.N

Abstract: A new method of image resolution enhancement via multi-surface fitting is proposed. Image resolution generally results in loss of image quality. Therefore image resolution requires interpolation to read between the pixels. By the use of spatial structure information, the idea of multi-surface fitting is implemented. The fusion of multi-sampling values on these surfaces in the maximum a posteriori fashion by fitting low resolution pixels on one surface. The reconstructed high-resolution images preserve image details effectively without any hypothesis on image prior. Although the main concern of image resolution algorithm is to reconstruct HR images from under sampled LR images, it covers image restoration techniques that produce high quality images from noisy, blurred images. Therefore, the goal of image resolution techniques is to restore an HR image from several degraded and aliased LR images. The proposed system provides error-free high resolution for real images.

Keywords: Data fusion, Multi surface fitting, Image resolution enhancement, non-uniform interpolation