Downloading: Study of Impact or Word of Mouth & Internet on Direct Selling
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Study of Impact or Word of Mouth & Internet on Direct Selling

Anubhav Kaistha

Abstract: Direct selling has existed in the markets for centuries. Its a type of sale that implies direct contact with a buyer without any third parties. This is an effective way to increase revenue. The main challenge created in the 21st century is to maintain a healthy competition and to construct a strong persuasive word-of-mouth. The following research focuses on three factors that count for the effectiveness of word-of-mouth. The use of Internet enables everyone to access and exchange information between two or more parties overcoming many challenges. The main source of acquiring information is through the use of search engines and user reviews. Consumers pass through the decision-making model before they make purchases from direct selling. In this study, multiple factors are employed to analyse and measure the relationship between independent variables of direct selling. Factors that have an influence on direct selling are arranged from high to low, which are based upon creditability, trust, personal reference, search engines, internet blogs, brand, security and refund policy. Along with these factors, the research tries to recommend the marketer to redo their basic strategies and create an effective one.

Keywords: direct selling, word of mouth, consumer decision-making, regression, Dependent and Independent factor