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Water Related Diseases and its Medical Importance

Dr. Ahmad Wali Ataye, Dr. Mohammad Yusuf Mubarak, Dr. Ayesha Bahez, Dr. Mohibullah Salih, Dr. Said Noor Alishah Saidy

Abstract: Introduction: Water related diseases are the leading Cause of mortality in all over the world and the permanent barrier of development in most developing countries. About 3.4 million of people that most of them young children were died from water related diseases such as diarrhea due to cholera, Typhoid fever and dysentry yearly. Objective: detection of academic and research evidences about main characteristics, epidemiology, mode of transmission and update promotion regarding of treatment and prevention of Water related diseases. Method and Materials: in this Review Article from Authorized academic sites and resources such as Pub Med Google Scholar HINARI and Ministry of public health site used. Result: in this research detected that Bacterial infections which could be transferred by contaminated Water included Compylobacter Jejuni, Typhoid feverinfection, paratyphoidfeverinfection, othersalmonella infections, Yersiniaenterocolitica, shigella, cholera, enterocolitica Escherichia coli, Tularemia, Legionella and Leptospirae. The parasites which could be transferred by contaminated Water included Entamoeba Histolytica, GiardiaLamblia, Cryptosporidium, Schistosomiasis and Toxoplasma gandii. The Viruses which could be transrered by contaminated Water included enterovirus, norovirus and Hepatitis A virus. It is necessary to be mentioned that Legionnaires disease is transferred by Air scrubber. Conclusion: The Prevalence of Water related disease is a continuous and permanent in developing countries and also in developed countries with good infrastructures. in this research founded that different Microorganisms such as Bacteria, Virus and Parasite could transfer through Contaminated Water.

Keywords: Water, Water related disease, Water born diseases and Infectious diseases