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Attainment of Program Outcomes of Audit Course: Environmental Studies

Sumana Jayaprakash

Abstract: An audit course is meant for students to enrich, gain insight and explore horizons, without being assessed or appraised for what is learnt in the classroom. Environmental Studies is an audit course offered in the third year of Engineering Education. Although the course does not count towards the final Grade Point Average, for the attainment of Program Outcome all the courses of the program must map with the POs. In this process of mapping the core theory courses of the program generally map with Program Outcomes PO1-PO4. The Course Outcomes of audit course Environmental Studies maps well with the Program Outcomes PO6-PO12 excluding PO11. This review paper documents the mapping of CO-PO of the audit course Environmental Studies with justifications for correlation with Program Outcomes PO6-PO12, excluding PO11. Thereby stating the importance of the course in the curriculum structure, in the acquiring the competencies required for graduate attributes and in the attainment of Program Outcomes for an Engineering Program. As this course is important in the attainment of PO6-PO12 (excluding PO11) this work can be further worked upon to specify certain specific practices/ techniques and topics required to be included in the Environmental Course which will equip the student for application in the final year courses of seminar, project and internships, and map with POs with a high correlation factor, leading to higher level of PO Attainment.

Keywords: Audit course, outcomes, attainment, mapping