Downloading: The World Health Organization Strategy Concerning HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control
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The World Health Organization Strategy Concerning HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control

Andreadou E

Abstract: Background: It is already proven that HIV / AIDS is a major global public health problem. As a consequence the World Health Organization deals extensively with this. The purpose of this work is to present the World Health Organizations Strategy in preventing and fighting HIV infection, focusing on vulnerable populations, women and children. Method: This work is based on Regulatory Documents (Directives, Recommendations, Declarations, and Publications, Decisions, Mid and long term Plans, Reports of the United Nations International Organizations Joint Program UNAIDS: UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, WORLD BANK, UNDP, UNFRA, and UNODC). Results: Recording and structure of World Health Organizations Strategic Guidelines concerning the field of HIV in a global, Regional and National Level of Public Health. Conclusions: Epidemic has completely different characteristics as they depend on the population on countries and regions. Action planning is based on the most up-to-date documented information and data on the nature in the frames of the epidemic and the economic, social and cultural environment at national level. For this the WHO Global Strategy on HIV is summarized as follows: Introduction of HIV prevention into every family and health service program and in strengthening infrastructures to prevent HIV infection in newborns, by increasing access to both HIV genetic counseling and diagnostics providing increasing and wider access to HIV health care and updating HIV surveillance knowledge on the bases of a constant scientific research-growing progress facing the pandemic of HIV.

Keywords: World, Strategy, WHO, UNAIDS, HIV