Downloading: A Study on Evaluation of Parental Awareness on Complete Oral Health of Their Children
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A Study on Evaluation of Parental Awareness on Complete Oral Health of Their Children

Sarang Khajuria, Divya Gupta, Sarbjeet Singh, Vasit Khajuria

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Oral health is ideally considered as the mirror of general and overall health. So it is rightfully said the Oral health forms an integral part of general health. The parents act as role models for their children. Being a role model plays an important role in developing healthy habits in children. So parental knowledge about oral health is of utmost importance so as to prevent children from various dental diseases. Therefore, Many efforts are being made to inform and motivate parents and children about various aspects of importance of oral health. AIM: The aim of the present study was to evaluate parental awareness on optimum oral health of their children MATERIAL & METHOD: A comprehensive questionnaire was distributed randomly to all the parents of the children who visited the department of pediatric and preventive dentistry. ( Table 1).The questionnaire was translated into local language (hindi) for better understanding and convenience to the parents. The participants were the parents of children aged between 5-15 years and the questions consisted of information and knowledge on oral health amongst the parents about their children. Results: The results of the questionnaire revealed an overall positive response about the questions asked to the parents, however, the alarming situation raised when majority parents didnt have an idead about fluorides and the role of mothers diet during preganacy on babys teeth. Conclusion: Most of the responses given by parents were positive apart from knowledge about fluorides and mothers diet during pregnancy.