Downloading: Differential Diagnostic Methods of Klaibya& Nanpusaka (Male Sexual Dysfunctions) Ayurvedic View
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Differential Diagnostic Methods of Klaibya& Nanpusaka (Male Sexual Dysfunctions) Ayurvedic View

Dr. Dhola Ram Saini, Dr. Shri Ram Saini

Abstract: Klaibya is the most common disease of Shukravahasrotas. Person who is unable to do proper sexual intercourse that means inability in aman to achieve an erection or orgasm. It can be physical or psychological in origin, and can have a profound effect on quality of life. It is commonly known as Male Sexual Dysfunctions. MSD includes all sorts of disturbances of coital performance and sexual congress in male. It is a medical and social problem has acquired global dimensions and its prevalence is supposed to be gradually increasing by every decade. Number of MSD cases across the world is expected to reach 322 million in the year 2025. Nanpusaka- refer to various sexual disorders like disorders of psychology and sexual behavior, congenital and anatomically disorders of genital organ it may be lead as male infertility. Klaibya, it doesnt refer to only impotency (Erectile dysfunction) but has a broad consideration under Male Sexual Dysfunction. Basic etio-pathology behind this includes psychological, neurological, vascular insufficiency, drug side effects and diseases. This review article attempts to explain etio-pathology & diagnostic approach of Klaibya mentioned in Ayurvedic literature. This review article calls upon initiating research in this area so that the claims of ancient Ayurvedic science could be substantiated and may be utilized by modern science. I hope, this helps us to explore the various types of Male Sexual Dysfunctions under the light of Klaibya and Nanpusaka according to Ayurveda

Keywords: Klaibya, Nanpusaka, MSD, Etio-pathology & Diagnostic

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