Downloading: A Study of Applications of BlockChain in Higher Education System - Smart Education System
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A Study of Applications of BlockChain in Higher Education System - Smart Education System


Abstract: Higher education in any country plays a vital role in economic growth of the country. Todays education system has many challenges and issues, such as, there is a huge gap in employer expectations between student knowledge and skill, mushrooming of large no of low quality Institutes, lack of project based learning, decreasing in teaching quality, lack of skill based training for students and teachers, lack of employability skills, failed to introduce of modern technologies and tools in teaching learning process, shortage of training resources and fund, lack of proper mechanism for verification of fake degree certificates and evaluating student credentials for the employers. Also as education becomes more diversified, democratized, decentralized, we still need to maintain reputation of the education system, trust in certification, and proof of learning. Due to these reasons the employability of graduates has tremendously decreased in the recent years. To provide better solution, we can use the blockchain technology in education. The proposed blockchain applications in education system provide a trusted, transparent, distributed, tamper proof, ledger based infrastructure to securely store, share and verify learning achievements, providing standard mechanism for evaluating the credentials earned by the students during the course of study by issuing a digital certificates.

Keywords: Higher Education, Blockchain, Tamper Proof, Digital Certificates