Downloading: Effect of Fly Ash and Brick Kiln Dust in Cement Concrete
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Effect of Fly Ash and Brick Kiln Dust in Cement Concrete

Majid Bashir

Abstract: Now days construction work is going on a very large scale so requirement of cement concrete plays an important role. On the basis of topic, cement concrete will be mixed with some waste materials like fly ash and brick kiln dust. in this thesis the cement and fine aggregates were partially replaced by fly ash and brick dust. the main theme was to use the wastage by replacing wealthy materials. Bust fly ash and brick dust are available in metteric tones. The objective was to study the workability and compressive strength of cement concrete. In the ancient period, construction work was mostly carried out with help of mudstone from industry. Fly ash is a by-product of burned coal from power station and brick dust are the wastage from the brick kilns are commonly used nowadays in order to improve the mechanical properties of concrete. Especially Synthetic (Polypropylene, polyester etc., ) glass, nylon, asbestos, carbon and steel fibers used in concrete caused good results to improve numerous concrete properties. Considerable efforts are being taken worldwide to utilise natural waste and bye product as supplementary cementing materials to improve the properties of cement concrete. Brick dust and Fly ash (FA) with are such type of materials. Brick dust is the powder from brick kiln which is available in tonnes. FA is finely divided produced by coal-fired power station. Fly ash possesses pozzolonic properties similar to naturally occurring pozzolonic material. The detailed experimental investigation is doing to study the effect of partial replacement of cement by FA, brick dust in concrete. In this paper started proportion form 5 % FA and 10 % brick dust mix together in concrete by replacement of cement and fine aggregate, last proportion taken 15 % FA and 10 % brick dust, with gradual increase in fly ash by 5 % and simultaneously taking constant brick dust by 10 % and to improve the strength of concrete.the The purpose of this research is to study the effects of fly ash on the workability, compressive strength, flexural tensile strength, splitting tensile strengths, durability.

Keywords: Admixture, Cement, Concrete, Fly Ash, brick dust

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