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ARMOUR: Women Safety Mechanism

Briji B S, Jennifer Maria Anto, Nimmy Saji, Reshma Jose

Abstract: The thought haunting every girl as she takes a step out is when they will be able to move freely on the streets without worrying about their security. In time of crisis female body does not quickly respond suitably and thus as an effort to fight back, a defence system is of prime importance. Thus, the idea of ARMOUR came up. In the light of the existing women protection systems, the intention is to put forward something unique and comparatively more reliable. ARMOUR will be a standalone, compact wearable device which will ensure help to a woman, whose device has been triggered either voluntarily or conditionally and a resultant signal has reached the required destination. The presence of the said device will be known to the user only. The unique feature of this device is the undressing loop, added by considering the condition of a physical assault and the unconscious state of human body.

Keywords: GSM, GPS, Wearable sensors, Undressing Module, Lead acid Rechargeable Battery