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The Mystery of I - An Unsolved Question of Life

Ruma Biswas, Sushama Biswas

Abstract: What is life ? What is the origin of life ? What is the difference between a living being and an inanimate object? People are always shaken by this puzzling questions from the very beginning .Well , scientists made an attempt to find out the mystery of that very existence, but their conception was materialistic based on the principles of physics and chemistry. According to their viewpoint, we and all the living beings are made of chemicals like carbon , oxygen ,water etc. . The life is originated from atoms and biomolecules ( DNA , RNA ,Protein etc.). We are the just duststuff orbiting in the core of stars. But here is an ambiguity : if we are originated from those chemical entities which are really dead and inanimate in nature, then how do we live , as we are not considered ourselves as inanimate material ? This ambiguity arose a very fundamental question .'Who am I ? What is the nature of 'SELF' ? Fortunately this is the very ancient spiritual and philosophical question too. Although , the mystery of life is still unsolvable and bearing a challenge for future ,now it is the time to discard off the the very traditional materialistic model of reality. Rather the spiritual dimension of life must be recognized .This reality is easily understandable. It is realizable that we are not the result of chemical reactions i.e biological birth and biological death.We are the different kind of existence, independent of material . The problem is that we cannot recognize the reality of self in daily life experience .We are somehow biased for material body. The material has no feelings , emotion , thinking power etc . all of we know that . Human body is also material but how can it generate those things ? .In this connection we cannot correlate the very nature of life with the material body . One of the evidences establishes that ' We the human beings, are not the activity of simple hydrocarbons rather something else '. We are called ? living beings, not things?. Hence scientific people should have to investigate about the the mysterious nature of SELF.

Keywords: Life, Consciousness, Big Bang Theory