Downloading: The Use of Smart Phone in Teaching Speaking Skills: A Pragmatic Approach
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The Use of Smart Phone in Teaching Speaking Skills: A Pragmatic Approach

Dr. P. Dasharatham, S. Prasad

Abstract: English occupies the foremost position internationally and the most common world-wide language spoken everywhere. For this reason it is mandatory thing to follow new trends, gadgets and technology to develop speaking skills. Doing things quickly and perfectly is the most implementing psychic nature of students and teachers in learning and teaching using gadgets. Among many gadgets smart phone is one which is always available and has easy access. Language teachers use the smart phone as a tool to develop English communication skills in a constructive and pragmatic way in theoretical as well as practical situations through self or group study to boost students progress immensely. Smart phone helps in language teaching or learning of listening, speaking, reading and writing using semantics and syntax. Engineering students face a few setbacks in speaking English though they have access of gadgets in promoting academic Excellency. This paper focuses on various difficulties in the acquisition of speaking skills of undergraduate technical students and how smart phone helps in bringing into light the practical solutions for speaking setbacks through proportionate activities, procedure and feedback.

Keywords: Mall, speaking skills, procedure, analysis, feedback and suggestion