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Educational Values in the QURAN

Dr. Fachrurazi, MM

Abstract: The nature of education according to Islam is to form a personality in order to become a man of noble character. So it is the impetus for him to do good in life, and hinder him from making mistakes. This study examines the meaning of events and interactions of people, used orientation or theoretical perspective with phenomenological approach. The type of research used in this study is the type of qualitative research. While viewed from the place of research, this research belongs to the type of research library. The results of research are 1) The values of Islamic education identified in the Qur'an are as follows the values associated with morals on God, morals towards fellow human beings, and morals to the environment. Values on humanity aspects include Forgiveness, the act that can erase the pain that is in the heart, Forbearance, someone who is not easy to complain, Responsibility, is the awareness of a person in doing a task as well as possible, Generous, that is to give some of his possessions, Honesty, the attitude that always tries to adjust between speech and deed, Resignation (resilience), dare to face challenges. 2) Education whose purpose is to shape the character of learners in accordance with the values of Islamic education, and can be used as a method of teaching in planting the values of honesty, respect for the parents, work hard and so on the learners.

Keywords: Al-Quran, Development, Islamic Education, Education