Downloading: Development of Staff Motivation
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Development of Staff Motivation

Mariana Tenreng, Abdul Safrin Daeng Talli, Ambo Paerah

Abstract: The implementation of McClelland motivation theory on the employee was the focus of this research. The subjects in this study were the leaders and employees to find the best motivational indicators for human resource development. The quantitative analysis is used to analyze the data with a questionnaire as one of the collecting data technique. The results show that the application of the McClelland motivation theory on the employees is well-implemented. The staff thoroughly assesses three aspects of motivation. Promotion is the primary motivation for achieving employee achievement. Empathy and the monitoring performance were significant motivation from peers. While the rules of work discipline are the primary drivers for staff to get things done right and finish on time. The results of this study into consideration for companies in developing human resources efficiently.

Keywords: Achievement, Friend Motivation and Powerful Motivation