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Content Delivery Network: A Survey

Ayushi Gondaliya, Tejas Chauhan

Abstract: The digital universe is doubling in size day by day and traffic load is increasing over the internet. To reduce the traffic load content delivery network (CDN) is very important. A CDN is a distributed network of servers that replicates content on a large number of surrogate systems placed at various locations, distributed across the world. A CDN copy content from the origin server to surrogate servers, scattered over the globe, keeping in mind the end goal to convey content to end-clients in a dependable and auspicious way from close-by ideal surrogates. Web reserves store well-known content on servers that have the best interest for the content asked. This has the upside of adjusting load, expanding complete limit, enhancing versatility, and giving expanded unwavering quality by redistributing the heap of a fizzled web server and giving server wellbeing checks. so, in this paper we explore the actual CDN. We give the brief introduction of Content Delivery Network.

Keywords: CDN, Replica placement, surrogate server, origin server, Surrogate Selection