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Integrated Support System for Disabled Patients Using WSN

Deepika Sharma

Abstract: Insomnia or sleep walking is one of the most common problem seen in many patients. Despite being a normal problem there has been many considerable cases which lead to their loss of life or some disasters. Providing necessary support through technology for monitoring patients is one of the most crucial task avoiding damages or accidents to the patients. The most important problem to be noticed in such cases are either patients go to dangerous places or falling off from heights, which were being seen in many test case scenarios. Fall detection and locality monitoring are two important problems in research to be focused and to find better solutions in preventing them. This paper is a review and study on implementing a wireless sensor node for those two test cases mentioned above. The system is designed as a low cost implementation with 3-axis accelerometer sensor and PIR motion sensors to identify the location of patient in a locality and also the orientation of his movement during such insomniac condition. Atmel based microcontroller unit is being used as base source of control with zigbee modules to transmit the relevant information to the care taker and also to alarm a feedback signal during emergency.

Keywords: insomnia, zigbee, PIR, feedback alarm, microcontroller accelerometer