Downloading: A Case Report of Extrapelvic Multilocular Endometriosis
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A Case Report of Extrapelvic Multilocular Endometriosis

Dr. E. Kurushi, Prof. Dr. Mehdi Alimehmeti, Dr. Manjola Tahiraj, Dr. Shk. Gentiana Cekodhima

Abstract: Background The prevalence of intestinal involvement of endometriosis is reported to occur in the literature 3-37 % of the diagnosed cases of extrapelvic endometriosis. The most common site is the recto-sigmoidien segment. The clinical complaint of intestinal endometriosis vary from abdominal mass and pain, to constipation, diarrhea, make it difficult to diagnose a neoplasic or inflammatory process with endometriosis, even with the help of imaging exams. The histopathological diagnosis could be challenging when we consider the metaplasia, hormonal and inflammatory changes, or the suspect of a carcinoma envolving the intestine. Case report We will report the case of a 27 years woman that was diagnosed with an abdominal mass probably neoplasic that involve the rectum, small intestine, ovary and Fallopian tube, the hystopathological exam revealed an extrapelvic multilocular endometriosis. Conclusion The diagnosis of endometriosis could only be confirmed by histopathologic examination, even there could be a lot of challenges since the alterations that associate this disease may mimic a wide range of disease.

Keywords: endometriosis, intestinal endometriosis, endometroid carcinoma