Downloading: Synthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel from Non-Edible Castor Seed Oil
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Synthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel from Non-Edible Castor Seed Oil

Vincent NGUSALE, Pius Kipkemboi, Yulita MITEI

Abstract: Performance contracts originated from the perception that the performance of the Public Sector has been consistently falling below the expectations of the Public. Performance contracting is part of broader Public sector reforms aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the management of Public service. The main objective of the study was to determine the influence of performance contracting on service delivery at Kicukiro water project. This study also sought to answer the question, factor affecting the implementation of performance contract. The purpose of this study is therefore to establish whether performance contracting has enhanced service delivery. A descriptive research design was adopted using both qualitative and quantitative data collection approaches. The study target population comprises 550 employees of Kicukiro water projects from which a simple size of 226 respondents was obtained through multistage sampling technique. A closed ended questionnaire was used to collect primary data which was analyzed in both descriptive and inferential statistics. The reveals that 99.1 % majority of the respondents agreed that implementation of performance contact affects service delivery Qualitative data was used through interviews, participation and observation in order to describe the impact of performance contract and service delivery. This research employed qualitative methods of data collection, among others included, Questionnaire and Documentary review. The results showed that there is a positive relation between performance contract implementation and service delivery. The government should facilitate the implementation of performance of contract to every organization for the service delivery.

Keywords: Performance contracts, Performance Appraisal System PAS, Strategic planning, Imihigo, A work plan, Performance contracting