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MRI Evaluation of Nontraumatic Hip Joint Pain

Dr. Deepthi Kondeti, Dr. Swapna Gangishetty

Abstract: Imaging of the hip was among the earliest reported applications of musculoskeletal magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. MR imaging is a valuable tool in the evaluation of hip disorders because it enables assessment of articular structures, extra-articular soft tissues, and the osseous structures that can be affected by hip disease (1). The principal benefit of the true coronal and axial planes is that they provide symmetric, bilateral images, which can be important in the diagnosis and can greatly accelerate the time required to evaluate both hips. The femoral head and neck and the intertrochanteric region are best appreciated on coronalMR images. Axial MR images provide good visualization of the articular space, hip musculature, and supporting ligaments (2). The diagnostic role of MR imaging in the evaluation of AVN is evolving. MR imaging is becoming increasingly useful in the diagnosis and management of pediatric hip disorders. It is unique in its ability to depict cartilage and is, therefore, especially efficacious in the evaluation of the pediatric hip (2).

Keywords: Hip, Avascular necrosis, MRI, Pain