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Post Total Hysterectomy Obesity on QOL

Dr. S. S. Subramanian

Abstract: Introduction Women undergoing major gynecological surgery, with pre surgical physical and mental agony associated and post operative obesity, musculoskeletal disorders fatigue and depression. This original research study aims at to evaluate the role of specific physical exercises on obesity and quality of life of a 38 years old female who has undergone total hysterectomy. Materials & Methodology As this subject developed lowback and knee pain with 6 kgs of weight gain she was treated with non pharmacological means by specific physical exercises during the period from February 2017 to April 2017 with twice a week frequency. Results BMI, WC and QOL were evaluated and analyzed with pre and post scores recorded with reduction in obesity and improved quality of life as evidenced by (P<.01) statistical evidence. Conclusion An improved quality of life with reduction in obesity were boon in the women after gynecological surgery with conservative physical exercises was the key outcome of this research.

Keywords: Hysterectomy, QOL Quality of Life, BMI Body Mass Index, WC Waist Circumference