Downloading: Evaluation of Solitary Thyroid Nodule by Ultrasound Guided FNAC
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Evaluation of Solitary Thyroid Nodule by Ultrasound Guided FNAC

Dr. Jafar Abo- Talibmohammed Said, Dr. Sereen Adnan Yaseen

Abstract: Backgroundfine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is commonly used in evaluation of thyroid provides specific diagnosis rapidly with minimal complications. FNA under ultrasound guided decreas complication and error.based on cytology findings surgeon can decides type of operation. Oblectives aim of our research is to find diagnostic accuracy of FNAC under control of ultrasound and compare it with histopathology results. Methods this prospective study done on 70 patients done in Al-Immamain medical one year (November 2015-December 2016) to evaluate of solitary thyroid nodule by FNAC under ultrasound guidance. All patients clinically examined, u/s thyroid and FNAC under u/s, the results have been correlate with postoperative histopathological diagnosis. Result 70 patients were included in our study (59 female, 11 male) in ratio female to male (5.4, 1). u/s guided FNAC done for 3 categories 76.7 % benign, 20 % malignant and 3.3 % indeterminate Histopathological reports reveal that those who considered benign 95.8 % were true negative and 4.2 % were false negative.malignant cases histopthologically have been found 83.3 % true positive and 16.7 % false positive. u/s guide FNAC in our study had sensitivity of 83.3 %, specificity of 95.8 % and accuracy 93.3 %. conclusion U/S guide FNA has a high accuracy in diagnosis of solitary thyroid nodule with cytological features of malignancy.

Keywords: Thyroid nodule, U/S guided FNAC, Thyroid malignancy