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Esthetic Rehabilitation: A Case Report

Dr. Nishanth M, Dr. S Anilkumar, DR. Rajesh C, DR Geethu RM, Dr Indu V

Abstract: One of the major focus of current restorative and prosthodontic dental treatment is on restoration of esthetics. For a treatment procedure to be successful, good communication with the patient to understand his/her functional and esthetic expectation is essential.During treatment planning phase, use of a diagnostic anatomic wax up helps the dentist to effectively communicate the final esthetic result to the patient. Esthetic pre evaluative temporaries prepared from the anatomic wax mock-up not only allows the clinician and patient to assess the form and contour of future restorations to be place but alsohelps to evaluate its effect on lip posture, smile line, and function. This case report describes a multidisciplinary approach for esthetic rehabilitation of a patient previously treated with faulty maxillary anterior fixed dental prosthesis (FDP).

Keywords: esthetic rehabilitation, clear addition silicone impression material, preevaluative tempoararies