Downloading: To Study the Status of Entrepreneurs in the Bikaner City (Urban Area)
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To Study the Status of Entrepreneurs in the Bikaner City (Urban Area)

Pooja Sharma, Jyoti Sharma

Abstract: Women entrepreneur in the developing world would make a large and often unrecognized contribution to their countries economic development. The employ other people, provide valuable services and play vital role in the development of emerging market economy worldwide. The growing importance of women entrepreneurs to economics of developing world cannot be displayed (Pal, 1998). Though different programmes, the number of women entrepreneurs are increasing and is expected to increase much more. The support of women entrepreneurship will increase the level and status of women specially with reference to Indian conditions. But the problems and constraints experienced by women entrepreneur are many which have their bearing upon the effectiveness of operating an enterprise. The most important thing that a women needs in order to be successful entrepreneur is to become empowered. Entrepreneurship itself is recently being recognized as a full fledged profession and women entrepreneur is an even newer phenomenon. Thus, the present study aim to analyze various aspect related to status and problems of women entrepreneurs. Thus, study try to give an insight of business profile of women entrepreneurs and the extent of assistance by different financial institutions to them for running their organization.

Keywords: entrepreneureorganization