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Particles do not behave as a Wave

Gaurav Bhattarai

Abstract: While experimenting about light and particles, the concept that light behaves as particles shook the whole world of physics, that later gave result to a theory in which it is stated that Particles behaves as waves. This theory is printed in almost every high school standard Physics book, manual and text book, which is readily accepted by most but have never bothered to question if it is really true How can particles even change direction without being directed by any sorts of external disturbence It must be explainable through an artistic view. When trying to visualize this nature of particle, there arose a question that objectified the validity of this idea. If the suggested hypothesis is proved by the experiment suggested, wave-particle duality nature of particle will be disproved which is going to affect the knowledge that we have about the universe in a large scale.

Keywords: Light, Electrons