Downloading: Study of Phototoxic and Chemitotoxic Response of Chrysocoris stolli Wolf (Heteroptera-Pepentatomidae -Scutellerane)
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Study of Phototoxic and Chemitotoxic Response of Chrysocoris stolli Wolf (Heteroptera-Pepentatomidae -Scutellerane)

P. K. Sehgal

Abstract: Chrysocoris stolli Wolf (Heteroptera- Pentatomidae-Scutellerinae) is a phytosuecivorous bug, which infests Cassia occidentalies, Croton sparisiflorum, Pennisetum typhoides, (Bajra) and Litchi chinensis at Saharanpur in good number and by its desapping habit causes considerable loss to these plants of economic value. The first food plant of this bug is Cassia occidentalies, (Kasaundi) (Leguminasae) (This plant is grown throughout India and it is useful in ringworm, elephantiasis and scorpion sting. The leaves are tasty, aphrodisiac, lexeteric, cure cough, Asthma, Kafka and vita. It is also used for stoma chic cure, Fridosha, fevers, sore throat and biliousness (Ayurveda) Phototaxic responses During present investigations, followingexperiments were conducted to find out the response of Chrysocorisstolli towards various shades and intensity of light. All these experiments were conducted in laboratory as well as in the fieldduring night. Two types of experiments were conducted for thispurpose. Chemotaxic response A said earlier that Chrysocoris stolli is apolyphagous sap sucking bug which attacks the plants of differentfamilies. The plant sap of these families possesses carbohydrate likesucrose, glucose and cellulose, different amino acids and crudeproteins. Besides these, it also possess many inorganic minerals likeCa, P, K, Mg, Cu, Fe and I, etc and few fatty acids such as stearicacid, oleic acid and linoleum acid etc. This prompted to work out thepreference of this bug towards some chemicals and for this somesimple experiment was carried out disst Saharanpur.

Keywords: Phototaxic responses Chemotaxic response of Chrysocoris stolli Wolf