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Effect of Aging on Human Iris and Examine Their Authentication in Bio Metrics

Namrata, Manju Sharma

If we talk about the means of total security than we finished with none but if we talk about satisfactory security with minimum chances to failure than biometrics based security systems seems to be meaningful in this context. Though there is no doubt as far as the reliability of these security systems is concerned but efficiency more or less depended upon the simplicity of the system. In the field of biometric security, human iris detection based security system gaining too much acceptances due to its minimum tolerance to the failure of the system but there is an emerging threat to this system which apart from the system lies within the iris of the subject. As the age of the subject increases or due to any natural or manmade, accidental or through the influence of any disease the shape of iris gets defected and ultimately resist the system to recognise through comparison. Here in this research paper, the effect of aging on human iris and its impact over the efficiency of the iris recognition based security system is being discussed. The case studies and personal interviews has been conducted of the users of this system to find out minimum possibilities of failure and through simulation in dot net language, results has been shown.

Keywords: biometrics, human iris, efficiency, aging, simulation, dot net, disease

Edition: Volume 3 Issue 7, July 2014

Pages: 2099 - 2102