Downloading: Multi Model Air Pollution Estimation for Environmental Planning Using Data Mining
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Multi Model Air Pollution Estimation for Environmental Planning Using Data Mining

A. Vinayagam, Dr. C. Kavitha, Dr. K. Thangadurai

Abstract: Air pollution is an higher threat for not only the environmental condition of any country, also a biggest factor for global warming. In this decade, the nation planning commissions of every country shift their focust to get solutions for air pollution and trying to save the environment conditions of the country. We hope this is the first article which tries to provide some solution which could support environmental planning. We propose a multi model objective method which estimates the pollution could be surrounded according to many factors like population, geographic area, vehicle movements, factories, zonal temperature and etc. The proposed method computes the pollution range according to these factors and each has some weightage in computing the pollution range, because the lack of forest, more traffic, more factory outlets, population are the factors which highly affects the ratio of pollution occurring in air. The proposed method uses different other factors and computes the scarcity of forest and agri lands in particular region using their geographic area and other parameters. The propsed model identifies the most region which generates higher air pollution in a country and supports the planning commission to provide more schemes to increase the ratio of forest in that particular region.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Global Warming, Data Mining, Pollution Estimation

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