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Degenerative arthritis of lumbar spine follows structural abnormality of spine or chronic disc lesion of lumbar spine both resulting in relative lumbar canal stenosis resulting in symptoms of neurologic claudication and clinical evidence of neurological deficit following nerve root entrapment. Treatment modalities not only immediate pain relief but also to prevent the long term disabilities caused by chronic back ache and spinal instability. With our modern advancements in better understanding of the clinicopathological correlation treatment has a wide spectrum from conservative modalities to decompression and fusion with or without instrumentation. Research is going on to identify the various factors that accelerate degeneration and decrease its progression. Replacement of the nucleus pulposis has been introduced. The study envisages the analysis of two methods of treatment of degenerative spine disease namely conservative treatment which include physiotherapy, medications and surgical management as laminectomy and decompression of entrapped nerve roots. This study puts in a sincere effort to find out the functional outcome of lumbar spine disorders treated with laminectomy and conservatively.