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Research Paper | Nutrition Science | Saudi Arabia | Volume 3 Issue 5, May 2014

Anemia and Body Composition

Shadia Mohamed, Alhanouf Alhessain

Purpose: . Anemia is considered a severe public health problem by World Health Organization when anemia prevalence is equal to or greater than 40 % in the population.. The purpose of this study to determine the relation between anemia and body composition on student at University of Hail/KSA. Objective -The aim of these study to determined the relation between Anemia and the composition of the body. According to the lack of information available on relation between the body composition and anemia at university of Hail/KSA; the present study was designed to fulfill these purpose. Material and Method: 150 questionnaire was submitted to collected information about dietary intake. In-body 720 was used to take body composition measurement; hemoglobin test was carried out for the study group. Results: The mean age of the students ranged 21.3; Height158.6; weight 61; 1 BMI 24.1; Hb 12.5 and hematocrit 36.8. There are significant relationship between anemic group and body fat mass; body mass index; body fat ; waist hip ratio ( P-value 0.029; 0; 04; 0.001; 0.035 respectively). Conclusion. There is a relation between anemia and the body composition.There is significant relationship between; skin pallor; low RBC count and anemic and non-anemic group

Keywords: hemoglobin, anemia, body composition

Edition: Volume 3 Issue 5, May 2014

Pages: 935 - 941

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