Downloading: Insurgency and Socio-Political Economy of Nigeria
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Insurgency and Socio-Political Economy of Nigeria

KROKEYI Wisdom Selekekeme, DADI Timothy

Abstract: Since independence in 1960 Nigeria has being on the move from military to civilian government with diverse challenges. The 1990 turn of event in Nigeria witness the inauguration of civilian government duly elected from the president down to the local government level, after sixteen years of military rule. The emergence paved the way and raise hopes and aspirations of Nigerians for an improved living standard given the trying and difficult times Nigerians were subjected to during authoritarian rules. The socio-political economy of Nigeria has had to contend with ash conditions which led and still leading to deterioration of living standards. The safety of lives and property has being threatened more than ever before. This development has tended to undermine the corporate existence of Nigeria as a state. The increasing role of massive youth unemployment, collapse of industry such as manufacturing industries, infrastructural decay to match rising needs of ethnic clashes, assassinations and kidnappings created high sense of insecurity. These have tasked the capabilities of institutions to the extent that the credibility of leaders towards the socio-political economy of Nigeria state has being seriously eroded. The feature of contemporary Nigeria seriously detracts the national objective in achieving in becoming one of the twenty leading nations on the global scene by 202020. This hydra headed monster is capable of eroding Nigerias relevance amongst comity of nations. Thus, it is the position of this paper that Governments at all levels should collectively fight against insurgency that has deterred socio-political development in Nigeria.

Keywords: Development, Growth, Insurgency, Socio-Political Economy