Downloading: Teacher Psychological Readiness Analysis in the Implementation of Inclusive Education at Junior High School of 18 Malang
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Teacher Psychological Readiness Analysis in the Implementation of Inclusive Education at Junior High School of 18 Malang

Eva Meizara Puspita Dewi

Abstract: The changing of Indonesia education system which trying to implement inclusive education, still reaping the pros and cons at this time. Especially the teachers who determine the learning process. The purposes of this research are to describe (1) Implementation of inclusive education at SMPN 18 Malang, (2) the teacher readiness in implementing inclusive education, (3) The process of changing the mindset that supports teachers and conditions. This research was conducted at SMPN 18 Malang and using a qualitative approach, then quantitative data was used to illustrate trends and perceptions of the teachers' in general attitudes toward disabilities and inclusive education. The results showed that (1) the implementation of inclusive learning in SMPN 18 Malang is more likely to implement integration system. In the process quite complex conflict, this is toward in two things that teachers do not understand the concept of inclusive implementation and lack of preparation regarding management. (2) In general, teachers appear to lack the full readiness in implementing inclusive education. In general, teachers still think that his job dealt only regular students / normal. The readiness of the teacher is very influenced by the knowledge and capabilities of teachers in dealing with disabilities (3) At the beginning stated inclusive, teacher reaction is quite diverse, there is refusal openly, there are full of doubts, some are trying to receive. Over time, teachers continue to interact with disabled students. Rating of teacher will vary according to the disabilities? response in the interaction process. The headmaster tried to make the circumstances that support the implementation of comprehensive school with not much to create conflicts on the teacher. Suggestions that recommended by the researcher are the schools require inclusive education?s consultant to immediately evaluate and improve the conditions for the implementation of inclusive education that can run optimally.

Keywords: Teachers Psychological Readiness, Inclusive Education