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E-Tourism for Baan Pihuchang as a Cultural Tourism Destination

Niracharapa Tongdhamachart, Suparada Prapawong

Abstract: The study examined the identity of Baan Pihuchang, NakornPathom Province and the promotion of sustainable tourism. The study used qualitative research based on field work, observations, in-depth interviews, group discussions, related documents and literature coupled with an evaluation form of tourism destination to embrace a holistic approach of the study. The findings showed that Baan Pihuchangs identity included a Tai Song or a Thai Song Dum cultural heritage with strong community ties. Compared to other tourism destinations in the vicinity, Baan Pihuchang was still little known to the general public and not attractive to main tourists. It needed a strategic direction and promotional strategies and involvement from various sectors namely a Sub-District Administrative Organization, a community leader, related organizations and higher education institutes to cooperatively work and promote Baan Pihuchang as a cultural tourism destination in Thailand or even among ASEAN nations. In addition, e-tourism was necessary for a niche tourist market to be known and made aware to other people in Asia and other people in the world.

Keywords: sustainable, tourism, culture, promotion