Downloading: Practice in the Preparation, Handling and Storage of Street Food Vendors Women in Sinja City (Sudan)
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Practice in the Preparation, Handling and Storage of Street Food Vendors Women in Sinja City (Sudan)

Eshraga Abdallah Ali Elneim

Abstract: Food contamination is one of the most important health problems affecting children in the basic stage most of this pollution health practices in the handling and preparation, food preservation. The objective of this research identified some practices of hygiene and handling, preparation and preservation of food vendors at street food are women inside and outside the base schools. Method adopted on women's street food vendors interviewed inside and outside the school, interviewed some personal hygiene practices and the types of foods that are sold and developed, preparation, storage and handling Through the questionnaire prepared for this purpose. The number of women appointed 54 women search results showed that The street foods sold consists of local snacks and fresh fruit and vegetables, personal hygiene is poor when sample search not washing hands before preparing food, 42, 59%, 61, 11% non-nail clippers and there are many aspects of contamination in food trading way 42% of foods sold by direct sales site hands 42, 59% of many garbage 59, 55% standing water 39, 18 food exposed 79, 62% food laid out on the ground and saved the remaining foods 38% open table 22, 22% kitchen cupboard 44, 44% have no knowledge of food contamination . causes the sale of unhealthy practices by women street food vendors lead to contamination of foods which can cause poisoning and diarrhea among Students schools and there is a lack of knowledge of the causes of contamination foods for women respondents and search out a number of recommendations, most notably raising cultural awareness with foods for women dealers food Street and Students schools Foundation for the prevention of Food poisoning.

Keywords: Street foods, vendor women, Sinja city, hygienic, food safety