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Dietary Patterns of University Students: A Case Study of the University of Sennar

Eshraga Abdallah Ali Elneim

Abstract: Purpose: In Sudanese universities the students are accommodated when they arrive from remote and rural territories in boarding houses affiliated to the National Fund for support of the students, and at the University of Sennar a large number of students are moved to live in a dormitory and the diet changes affecting their health. The aim of this study to identified daily food pattern for female students and its impact on health. Method and Material: 300 sample of students are interviewed to collected information about daily food pattern and how change affecting their health. used Questionnaire. The importance of this study comes, to the importance of nutrition in this stage of the students life because they are linked to academic achievement was information-gathering questionnaire use of female students. data analysis using statistical packages for the social sciences, SPSS and statistics used occurrences and the percentage results revealed 40 % of students in critical growth stage and 33, 33 % are simple financial expenses in the month and 68, 33 % they drain the food 5 pounds Sudanese and is less than one dollar a day and the food is poor style in content of nutrients and showed signs poor nutrition in 2, 33 % cheilosis, Pallor conjunctivitis 33 % and 1 % glossiti, And search out several recommendations including food culture for students and periodic follow-up.

Keywords: dietary pattern, diet, student, sennar university, university life