Downloading: Towards Semantical E-Learning from E-learning
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Towards Semantical E-Learning from E-learning

Vinod Kumar Shukla, Princy Agrawal

Abstract: E-Learning is one of the most promising technologies. It connects different learners to the various resources which are spread across Internet. Our paper is divided into three sections. Section I review about the various concepts and tools of E-Learning. E-Learning include Virtual classroom, CBT, TEL and Pedagogical based learning concepts. Some of the communication activities which are very popular in communication like asynchronous and synchronous activities how they help in E-Learning. Subsequent sections review about the Semantic E-Learning and its various concepts which make E-Learning more users friendly. Ontology plays the major role as backbone for smooth functioning of Semantic Web. Semantic Web and Ontology plays major role for this. At last Section III is all about the benefits of Semantic E-Learning over E-Learning. How personalization helps in various levels in Semantical E-Learning.

Keywords: E-Learning, Semantic Web, Metadata, Ontology, Virtual Classroom