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Volume 3 Issue 5 May 2014: Page 1

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ROV Trainer Kit for Education Purposes

Authors: Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Fadilah Abdul Azis
Country: Malaysia, Subject Area: Ocean Engineering

Quality Assurance; Understanding the Need, Boundaries and Linkages in the Education Sector

Authors: Eric Gitta
Country: Uganda, Subject Area: Management

Heart Electrical Signal Pattern Analysis in Electrocardiogram Using Principle Component Analysis Method

Authors: Gil Gaspar M. Lobo Pinto, Nur Aji Wibowo, Surya Satriya Trihandaru
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Physics Science

Factors Influencing Students’ Intention to Adopt Mobile Blackboard

Authors: Fayiz Moh'd Said Hamed Momani, Abdallah Mohammad Abualkishik
Country: Malaysia, Subject Area: Information Technology

Effects of Static Magnetic Field in Albino Rats Blood Electrolytes

Authors: Mohammed A. Ali Omer, Mohamed E. M.Gar-elnabi, Mohamed Yousef
Country: Saudi Arabia, Subject Area: Hematology Science

Isotherms, Kinetic Study of Adsorption of Acetic Acid on Marl Calcareous in Aqueous

Authors: Yassine Morad, Mustapha Hilali, Lahcen Bazzi
Country: Morocco, Subject Area: Chemical Engineering

Challenges of Plantation Forestry to Local Tree-Crop Farmers in Benue State, Nigeria

Authors: B. I. Dagba, J. I. Amonum, S. I. N. Agera
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Forestry Science

Combination of Allopurinol’ and Sustained Release Diclofenac Sodium for Treatment of Gout

Authors: Yasir Mehmood
Country: Pakistan, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Deriving Some Estimators of Panel Data Regression Models with Individual Effects

Authors: Megersa Tadesse Jirata, J. Cheruyot Chelule, R. O. Odhiambo
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Statistics

Synthesis of Nanogold and Stability Test of This Colloidal as Essential Material in Drug, Supplement and Cosmetics

Authors: Titik Taufikurohmah, Rusmini, IGusti Made Sanjaya, Afaf Baktir, Achmad Syahrani
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Chemistry Science

An Analysis to the Poems and Life of Tao Yuan-Ming (365-427)

Authors: Banwo Adetoro Olaniyi
Country: China, Subject Area: Management

Elastography Applications

Authors: Maha Esmeal Ahmed Esmeal
Country: Saudi Arabia, Subject Area: Radiological Sciences

Investigation of the Inhibition Effect of Nontoxic Purine Derivatives on the Carbon Steel Corrosion in 0.5 M H2SO4 Solution

Authors: Ahmed A. Farag
Country: Egypt, Subject Area: Electrical Engineering

Determinants of Expected Rate of Return on Common Stock: An Empirical Study in Sri Lanka

Authors: Vijitha Gunarathna
Country: Srilanka, Subject Area: Management

Frequency and Distribution of RBC Alloantibodies among Transfused Patients at Ndola Central Hospital, Zambia

Authors: Mwambungu Alick, Siulapwa Nathan
Country: Zambia, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Analysis of Land Cover Changes Occurred in Brazzaville between 2001 and 2012 Using Landsat Images

Authors: Kempena Adolphe, Boudzoumou Florent, Nganga Dominique
Country: Congo, Subject Area: Earth Science and Engineering

Characterization Of Selected Inorganic Fertilizers By Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: Possible Carryover Of Heavy Metals From Phosphate Rock

Authors: Jamok Jacob Elisha, Martha Jamok Elisha
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Chemistry Science

National Identity and Athletes’ Success Pride Internationally- A Review

Authors: Danica Pirsl, Amela Lukac-Zoranic
Country: Serbia, Subject Area: Linguistics Science

Role of Credit Risk Management Practices in Sustainability of Micro Credit Schemes in Nakuru County

Authors: Mwaura A. Njeri, Wanyoike Daniel M.
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Financial Engineering

Synergistic Inhibition Effect of 10-(3-Quinuclidinyl-Methyl) Phenothiazine and Potassium Iodide on Carbon Steel Corrosion in Sulfuric Solution

Authors: Ahmed A. Farag, Khalid Zakaria
Country: Egypt, Subject Area: Material Science and Engineering

Global Stability of a Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) Epidemic Model with Two Infectious Stages and Treatment

Authors: M. Elhia, A.E. Laaroussi, M. Rachik, Z. Rachik, E. Labriji
Country: Egypt, Subject Area: Mathematics

Voltammetric Quantification of the Pollutants Nitro Compounds Using Glassy Carbon Electrode

Authors: M. Khodari, E. M M. Rabie, O. M. Fahmy
Country: Egypt, Subject Area: Chemistry Science

Modelling Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDPs) Time to Resuming their Ancestral Homes after IDPs’ Camps in Northern Uganda Using Parametric Methods

Authors: Joseph Okello Omwonylee, Abdou K. A. Diongue, Leo Odiwuor Odongo
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Statistics

The Influence of Recruitment and Selection on the Performance of Employees in Research Institutes in Kenya

Authors: Ombui Kepha, Elegwa Mukulu, Gichuhi, A. Waititu
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Management

The Influence of Training and Development on the Performance of Employees in Research Institutes in Kenya

Authors: Ombui Kepha, Kagiri, Assumptah. W, Omoke, DismasO.
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Management

Effect of Feeding Different Levels of Moringa Oleifera Leaf Meal on the Performance and Carcass Quality of Broiler Chicks

Authors: Safa M.A. El Tazi
Country: Sudan, Subject Area: Agricultural engineering

Response of Broiler Chicks to Diets Supplemented with Garlic Essential Oil as Natural Growth Promoter

Authors: Safa MA El Tazi, Zolikha M. A; K.A Mohamed, Mukhtar Ahmed Mukhtar
Country: Sudan, Subject Area: Agricultural engineering

Comparative Impact Assessment of Wet-Bulb Potential Temperature and Equivalent Potential Temperature on Precipitable Water in Nigeria

Authors: Udo, I. A, Okujagu, C. U
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Meteorology Science

Changes in Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Status in Stressed Fish Brain

Authors: Padmini Ekambaram, Meenakshi Narayanan, Tharani Jayachandran
Country: India, Subject Area: Biochemistry Science

Fractal Approach of the Nominal Exchange Rate Series Based on Hurst Exponent

Authors: P. Uthayakumar, M. Prabha
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

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